Service responsiveness & license pricing geared to win new business

iDimension is a new Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner. There are 20 partners in the US authorized to sell Google Marketing Platform Analytics, Optimize & Tag Manager 360 product versions.  Some have been around for a very long time, and have dozens, if not hundreds, of Google Marketing Platform 360 product customers.

As a new sales partner, iDimension does not have dozens of Google Marketing Platform 360 product customers. We can be personally responsive with experienced staff (i.e., you won’t have a semi-non-technical account rep as your first tier of support). We price the license & our services to win new business, whether you are new to Google Marketing Platform 360 products, or are exploring new sales partners when renewing your existing license.

Services & fees you control

For the fee you pay iDimension, our Google Marketing Platform 360 product sales partner agreement requires minimum service commitments which include:

  • Licensed use of the paid product (annual commitment required).
  • Monthly digital analytics managed services:  10 hours/month for Analytics 360; 4 hours/month for Optimize 360.

Anything beyond minimum required monthly digital analytics managed services is executed only with the client’s pre-approval, billed at a reasonable hourly rate.  We don’t price our license to include bundled consulting you may not need.  Nonetheless, we are aggressively proactive in making recommendations.

Most customers that are ready to jump to paid Google Marketing Platform 360 products, and certainly if they are renewing their license, have experience with these products.  They do not need us to hold their hand with the basics.  They need us to be a source for the paid license, to help them setup their Home Suite organization to enable the paid product versions for their accounts, and to help solve trickier problems.  If clients need more – we are experienced helping customers formally define success, setup 360 products from the ground up to measure defined success – and improve based on measured success.

iDimension knows the Google products ecosystem

A Google Analytics Certified Partner since 2010, and now a Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner, we either have first hand experience with your issue – or can leverage direct access to Google engineers to solve your most complex Google Marketing Platform 360 product related challenges.

Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner

We are also a “Premier Google Partner for AdWords” and have rich experience with advertising analytics for the DoubleClick platform, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We can help you use the rich user journey data available in Google Marketing Platform 360 products to eliminate advertising waste – to focus your budget on what works, and your optimization attention on what’s not working.

We want to be your sales partner

Google only sells direct to select enterprise organizations. All other businesses that want to purchase Google Marketing Platform 360 product licenses must do so through a sales partner.

We covet the opportunity to send you a proposal for your Google Marketing Platform 360 product business.

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