Cross-device attribution, driven by Google’s device graph.

How do you measure and optimize marketing spend for all channels, online and off, at once? Google Attribution is here to help. Use it to uncover insights, make a true impact on the customer journey, and improve ROI.

Give credit where it’s due with data-driven attribution.

Instead of using a rules-based or last-click model, Google Attribution uses a data-driven algorithmic approach to determine the appropriate amount of credit to assign to each marketing touchpoint.

The DoubleClick Campaign Manager integration makes it easy to use DoubleClick Campaign Manager data, such as view-thru impressions, in your Google Attribution account.

Integrations with Attribution partners and other Google products give you seamless access to your Google Analytics, AdWords, and DoubleClick data. This allows you to easily collect all the data you need, including marketing performance, cost, and context data.  Use Google Data Studio to share Google Attribution insights across your organization.

Hire an expert if you need help implementing any product from Google Marketing Platform product, or technical expertise for a custom project.  iDimension has been vetted by Google, meeting rigorous qualification standards to help you feel confident you’re working with a company you can trust.

The free Google Attribution product is not available until “mid-2019” (compare to the paid Attribution 360 product here).  Let’s talk now to start planning how you can put this tool to work for your business.