If what gets measured gets improved, why don’t more companies measure digital marketing data quality? In 2013, 60% of the top 100 internet retailers (the IR100) had 10 or more tags deployed on their sites, and 93% had an incomplete implementation of all of their tags. More recently, tag management services adoption among the 500 largest retailers in the Top 1000 increased to just over 71% in 2016 from 58% in 2015.

No data is bad, but false data is worse. Incomplete tagging, or incomplete regression testing after enhancements, patches or configuration changes means incomplete data is collected in online property analytics platforms.  Incomplete data = flawed decision making.

How can iDimension help? We employ ObservePoint’s enterprise-class tag auditing and powerful simulations:

green-checkmarkWebAssurance Tag Audits – We audit tags on all online property URLs, scanning for presence or absence of 200 tags across 14 tag categories (see “Supported Tags” tab below).   Proper placement and state of variables for each tag are reported, as well as load time, duplication, JavaScript errors, and general server errors (404, 500, etc.).   Notices / reports are delivered after each audit completion.

green-checkmarkSimulations or Web Journeys – We setup simulations to simulate user journey activity from various browser types as they engage in critical user interfaces like submitting lead forms, or progressing through the steps of a checkout process.  Notices / reports are delivered after each simulation run.

observepoint-logoWhy engage iDimension to use ObservePoint services? We have been an ObservePoint partner since 2011.  The folks at ObservePoint love working through partners like iDimension, and often it makes more sense for the client to have a partner in the mix.  Here’s how we can add value:

 Partner pricing structure, including experience / relationship with ObservePoint systems & technical support (they support our setup & management of all audits & simulations).  No contract required.  No fixed monthly fee; only pay for use.  Working direct with ObservePoint means an annual contract, and fees that can be substantially higher than the legacy partner pricing we can offer.

 Responsive on-going management of audits / simulations.  Eliminate need to assign internal personnel to this task (distracting resources from other priorities).

 Rich experience with marketing tags / analytics / tag management solutions (we are a Google Analytics Certified Partner, as well as a Google Tag Manager Certified Partner).  We can help you work through complex issues.  We invest in having a greater command of the functionality of your specific web sites to better support them going forward.

Supported Tags

Hundreds of tags supported, across 14 tag categories.

Adobe AnalyticsWebTrends AnalyticsGoogle Universal AnalyticsIBM Web AnalyticsOneStat Web Analytics

  1. Analytics
  2. Testing and optimization
  3. Advertising
  4. Tag management
  5. Customer tag
  6. Video measurement
  7. Ecommerce
  8. Lead Tracking
  9. Voice of consumer
  10. Social
  11. Data management
  12. Compliance
  13. Behavioral targeting
  14. Ad measurement


Source = http://www.observepoint.com/tag-database/

More on Audits

A WebAssurance tag audit is like a home inspection.

A home should be inspected whenever there is new/remodeling construction, and a web site should be “inspected” with an audit in the same fashion. It’s just that web sites are under constant “construction”. Audits can run ad hoc, or can be scheduled at weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannually or yearly intervals.

  • Automated Tag Auditing: Give us your website’s web address, and we’ll find out what pages are missing your tracking tags. We can audit any website and automatically discover every page — analyzing each page to find any of 200+ supported analytics tags that are deployed correctly, or not.
  • Invisible to Tag Vendor: Our audit simulates a real browser visit, but no calls are passed to the Tag Vendor’s servers – maintaining the integrity of your current reporting, and preventing any per-call costs.
  • Web-Based, No Implementation: Requires no javascript tags on your web pages & no software required on a local machine. We can audit any website on the internet or in your development environment.
  • Supports Flash Files & Secure Sites: Our audit can inspect swf’s for any supported tags, and show the configuration of the tag. Auditing secure areas of a site are not a problem either.
  • Load Time Reporting: Page response and load time is an important factor for visitors, and an important one for search engines as well. No matter how well designed a landing page or how well segmented the traffic, if visitors experience sluggishness, they are up to 75% less likely to return to your company’s website.
  • Audit Mobile Sites as iPhone, iPad or Android: Audit standard, mobile or responsive sites from various desktop & mobile browser (user agent) versions.
  • Check iframes during audits.

More on Simulations

Simulations or Web Journeys are like a home alarm system.

Stuff breaks even between code releases for all kinds of reasons. Web Journeys (also known as simulations) run with the customer option of every 15 minutes, hourly, every 6 or 12 hours, daily, weekly or monthly. Tag simulations check the state of your data layer (or universal variable), whereas standard simulations simulate user activity (e.g., filling out a lead form, or an ecommerce checkout process).

Why not just run simulations after each code release, or at a greater time interval (e.g., monthly)?

Even when code doesn’t change, site & CMS entered data can break sites / disintegrate your tags. And, with the advent of tag management solutions that allow for tag additions / edits outside of the development process, things can definitely go wrong even after QA approval & code release. Simulations are also inherently great for regression testing (before and after code releases).

Regression testing

Regression testing‘ is a type of software testing that seeks to uncover new software bugs, or regressions, in existing functional and non-functional areas of a system after changes such as enhancements, patches or configuration changes, have been made to them.

Is Your Data Telling the Truth? The decisions you make from your web analytics are only as good as the data they are based upon. Let us help you determine the quality of your marketing data with our enterprise-class tag auditing and powerful simulations - with over 200 tags supported across 14 tag categories. No data is bad, but false data is worse.
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