No data is bad, but false data is worse. Because websites change often, analytics tagging
can unexpectedly break, resulting in inaccurate data. Incomplete data = flawed decision

How can iDimension help? We employ ObservePoint’s enterprise-class technology
governance platform to conduct regular, automated scans of your most important pages
and conversion paths on your site. In these scans, we verify that your analytics tracking
(whether Adobe, Google, or otherwise) are always present and collecting accurate data.

How We Use ObservePoint

Audits — With ObservePoint’s ability to audit web analytics tech on your site , we can regularly scan hundreds of pages on your site to verify the presence or absence of hundreds of analytics and marketing tags. If at any time a tag is missing or collecting incomplete data, we’ll receive a notification and be able to address the issue promptly. Other issues we can detect with ObservePoint include duplicate tags, slow-loading tags, JavaScript errors, and more.

Learn more about Audits below.

Journeys — In most cases, your site will have a series of actions you hope visitors take to arrive at some form of conversion. This conversion path  is probably one of the most important experiences on your site. ObservePoint’s Journeys feature makes it possible for us to test that this conversion path (and the analytics tracking it) is always up and running). We can schedule a scan to run every 15 minutes, so that if the analytics or experience itself goes down, we can detect the issue in near real-time.

Learn more about Journeys below.

Why engage iDimension to use ObservePoint services? We have been an ObservePoint partner since 2011.  The folks at ObservePoint love working through partners like iDimension, and often it makes more sense for the client to have a partner in the mix.  Here’s how we can add value:

 Partner pricing structure, including experience / relationship with ObservePoint systems & technical support (they support our setup & management of all audits & simulations).  No contract required.  No fixed monthly fee; only pay for use.  Working direct with ObservePoint means an annual contract, and fees that can be substantially higher than the legacy partner pricing we can offer.

 Responsive on-going management of audits / simulations.  Eliminate need to assign internal personnel to this task (distracting resources from other priorities).

 Rich experience with marketing tags / analytics / tag management solutions (we are a Google Analytics Certified Partner, as well as a Google Tag Manager Certified Partner).  We can help you work through complex issues.  We invest in having a greater command of the functionality of your specific web sites to better support them going forward.

More About Audits

An ObservePoint Audit makes sure web tech always works

Websites constantly change, which opens a door for tracking and other tech to break down.  Scheduled or ad hoc audits can help ensure web tech stays online and works for you.

  • Automated Auditing: Give us your website’s web address, and we’ll find out what pages are missing your tracking tags. We can audit any website and automatically discover every page — analyzing each page to find any of 200+ supported analytics tags that are deployed correctly, or not.
  • Ad Hoc or Scheduled Audits: Audits can be run ad hoc, or can be scheduled at weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannually or yearly intervals.
  • Invisible to Tag Vendor: Our audit simulates a real browser visit, but no calls are passed to the Tag Vendor’s servers – maintaining the integrity of your current reporting, and preventing any per-call costs.
  • Web-Based, No Implementation: An ObservePoint Audit requires no JavaScript tags on your web pages & no software required on a local machine. We can audit any website on the internet or in your development environment.
  • Supports Flash Files & Secure Sites: Our audit can inspect swf’s for any supported tags, and show the configuration of the tag. Auditing secure areas of a site is not a problem either.
  • Load Time Reporting: No matter how well designed a landing page or how well segmented the traffic, if visitors experience sluggishness, they are up to 75% less likely to return to your company’s website. Our audit will reveal any issues in this area.
  • Audit Mobile Sites as iPhone, iPad or Android: Audit standard, mobile or responsive sites from various desktop & mobile browser (user agent) versions.
  • Check iframes during audits.

Learn even more about Audits

More about Journeys

Journeys test key conversion paths on your site

Stuff breaks even between code releases for all kinds of reasons. With Journeys, you can test the most important conversion paths on your site every 15 minutes, hourly, every 6 or 12 hours, daily, weekly or monthly. Simulated user sessions simulate user activity (e.g. filling out a lead form, or an ecommerce checkout process) and simultaneously test that your web tech and even data layer are operating correctly

Why not just run simulations after each code release, or at a greater time interval (e.g., monthly)?

Even when code doesn’t change, changes to site & CMS data or tag management rules can break sites and interfere with tracking.  Journeys help ensure your site continues working despite changes in any aspect of your site.

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