Transparent license pricing – from an analytics partner that does not sell media

Only the biggest enterprises can buy GA360 licenses directly from Google. The alternative is to buy from a sales partner.  

Sales partners that have been selling GA360 licenses purchased by enterprises that can’t buy direct from Google have overhead to match their sales investment. Ultimately that sales investment gets recouped from commissions earned through selling media.

iDimension does not sell media.  We are an analytics partner focused on defining & measuring success, and helping our clients optimize using measured success signals.    

  • We have negotiated a strategic sales partner licensing agreement that allows us to source your GA4 360 license.
  • We have secured pricing that is not burdened by the overhead of enterprise sales efforts, allowing us to maintain our unbiased posture of not selling media.

Having an agency that sells media measure their own work can be like having a patient, that does not want to be sick, build their own thermometer, and take their own temperature.

Why is now the time to consider a GA4 360 license?

Getting your most valuable user actions recorded in a GA4 property is now more important than ever. GA4 is totally different from GA UA, and offers features that are compelling to today’s digital marketer (e.g., modeled conversions & predictive metrics / audiences). 

GA4 360 has a new variable fee model based on actual events recorded, with a monthly cost that can be substantially lower than the price that was charged for a UA GA360 license.  This new license pricing coupled with compelling GA4 360 improvements over the GA4 free product make GA4 360 a potential fit for a much broader spectrum of businesses.  

GA4 360 is not just for large enterprises

Businesses of all sizes are seeing digital advertising consume half or more of their overall advertising budgets. Small and medium-sized businesses can live & die by the results of their digital marketing efforts. All digital marketers are seeing the signals they use to measure success degraded by increasingly stringent default browser security settings, features like Safari’s ITP, and iOS 14 tracking changes. GA4’s modeled conversions helps fill this growing gap in observed conversions, and GA4 360’s higher limits for data collection, reporting, retention, and export to BigQuery allow you to put that data to work to drive your business.

In other words, not just large enterprises need the paid features of GA4 360.

With an active Google Analytics 360 license for a GA4 property, Google Tag Manager (GTM) 360 is included at no additional charge.

Source your Google Analytics 360 license through an unbiased partner

A Google Analytics Certified Partner since 2010, and now a Google Marketing Platform Certified Partner, we have product certifications in Analytics & Tag Manager – and extensive experience with GTM server-side tagging (including integration into cookie consent tools like OneTrust). iDimension has been in business since 1998 (we started when Google started), and our average team member tenure is 15 years (we like to work together, and know how to take care of our clients). We are one of the most credentialed digital marketing analytics firms in the US.

Whether you’ve been using a free product and are making your initial consideration of a Google Analytics 360 license, or you are an existing license holder considering renewal – reach out to let us give you a competitive quote.   Note that the minimum term for a Google Analytics 360 license is 12 months.

Get a second opinion. Let an unbiased partner help you measure success.

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