Transparent license pricing – know what you are funding

Analytics 360 & Optimize 360 have substantial retail price tags (contact us to find out how substantial).  Businesses that are not one of the select enterprises that can buy direct from Google (you would know if you are) have 2 licensing options for these paid products (always requiring at least a 12 month commitment):

Option 1: Acquire your license through “Data Stack” (, as sponsored by iDimension.

  • Data Stack works with Google Marketing Platform Certified Partners (formerly known as Google Analytics Certified Partners – GACP) to provide their customers with licensing for Google Marketing Platform products (Analytics 360 & Optimize 360 – you get Tag Manager 360 for free if you buy either of the former two licenses).
  • To go this route, you must to be sponsored by a Google Marketing Platform Certified Partner like iDimension (i.e., Data Stack can not sell licenses direct to customers without a sponsoring partner). You’ll get different license pricing depending on the referring partner – iDimension will authorize Data Stack’s lowest pricing.

Option 2: Source the license direct through another Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner, without iDimension in the equation.

Which licensing option is right for your business?

With Option 1 you’ll contract with Data Stack for the license, and iDimension will authorize Data Stack’s floor pricing per month (substantially less than retail). You won’t get that pricing unless you are working with a Google Marketing Platform Certified Partner that authorizes it. Option 1 cost will be significantly lower than license-only retail pricing, and also much lower than your Option 2 cost.

Why is Option 2 so much more expensive?

Only big fish consulting organizations, with massive enterprise sales staffs (and related overhead expenses), are sales partners that can source licenses. They sell hundreds of licenses annually (if not more – so don’t expect much in the way of proactive, individual attention). They may also require you to buy their consulting services, but in most cases in addition to charging the full retail rate for the license. They also may not be willing to only sell you the Optimize 360 license. They may require that you also buy the Analytics 360 license – as well as charge you for a Tag Manager 360 license that should be free.

iDimension knows the Google products ecosystem

A Google Analytics Certified Partner since 2010, and now a Google Marketing Platform Certified Partner, we either have first hand experience with your issue – or can leverage direct access to Google engineers to solve your most complex Google Marketing Platform 360 product related challenges.

Google Marketing Platform Certified Partner

We are also a “Premier Google Partner for AdWords” and have rich experience with advertising analytics for the DoubleClick platform, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We can help you use the rich user journey data available in Google Marketing Platform 360 products to eliminate advertising waste – to focus your budget on what works, and your optimization attention on what’s not working.

We want to be your licensing referral source

As noted, Google only sells direct to select enterprise organizations. All other businesses that want to purchase Google Marketing Platform 360 product licenses must do so through a sales partner.

We covet the opportunity to send you a proposal to source your paid 360 licenses through Data Stack, as referred by iDimension to ensure the lowest possible license cost.

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