green-checkmark AdWords Remarketing on the Google Display Network (GDN) with Google Analytics.

green-checkmark Dynamic AdWords Remarketing with Google Merchant Center through Google Tag Manager.

green-checkmark AdRoll Retargeting on the Facebook Exchange (FBX).

You invest significant resources in bringing prospects to your online properties.  Remarketing, the Google AdWords moniker for retargeting, can help you maximize that investment – beyond the visitor’s last click on your website.  Whether your sales cycle is a few hours, or a few years – keeping your brand & call to action in front of prospects when they leave your online properties is a strategic necessity.  Remarketing is a targeted, cost effective means of addressing this need.

remarketing_heroThe successful return on investment we’ve seen engaging in this advertising technique for our clients is undeniable.  Retargeting should have a place in your marketing & advertising strategy, and as both a Google Analytics Certified Partner & Google AdWords Certified PartneriDimension can help make that happen successfully.

Remarketing / Retargeting Consulting Action Items:

  • Define remarketing / retargeting campaign objectives & targeting parameters, including specific attributes of each target audience list through the steps in client specific sales cycle.
  • Coordinate retargeting ad messaging / call to action with each phase in the sales cycle.
  • Deploy display advertising enabled Google Analytics tracking code via Google Tag Manager.
  • Configure remarketing audiences in Google Analytics using over 200 pre-defined dimensions & metrics, specific client web site configured conversion goals, and configured custom dimensions & metrics.
  • Integrate Google Analytics & Google AdWords accounts to populate remarketing audience lists.
  • Configure AdWords classic remarketing campaigns, including exclusion management to not show or stop showing ads as warranted (e.g., to those that have already purchased, to those that were not engaged site visitors, etc.).
  • Evaluate “similar audiences” audience lists for additional campaign targeting opportunities.  Similar audiences are created automatically from data about your existing remarketing audiences to find new and qualified consumers who have shared interests with that audience.
  • Add remarketing audience targets to your search network campaigns (RLSA or Remarketing lists for search ads) so you can increase bids for search network campaign queries where you know your site visitors are searching.
  • Deploy dynamic remarketing code via Google Tag Manager, with distinct custom parameters being set for each page type, and for each step in the checkout process.
  • Configure AdWords dynamic remarketing campaigns, including integration of Google merchant center account & creation of dynamic ads using merchant product feed data.
  • Deploy AdRoll retargeting smart pixel via Google Tag Manager.
  • Configure AdRoll retargeting audiences in using AdRoll segmenting tools, and Facebook Exchange (FBX) campaigns showing ads on the right had side of Facebook pages, and in the news feed.
  • Coordinate Google Analytics custom campaign URL tracking parameters on FBX ad destination ad URLs to measure performance in Google Analytics.
  • Import AdRoll cost data for FBX campaigns into Google Analytics to evaluate cost & return on ad spend (ROAS) performance with other advertising sources.


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