a/b testingWhite Cloud manufactures & distributes electronic cigarettes worldwide from their Tarpon Springs, Florida facility – and sells everything from their web site.

Online account analysis showed that even customers that already had an account created were choosing to checkout as a guest on White Cloud’s Magento eCommerce platform driven web site.  Google Analytics report analysis showed that customers who logged into an account to order had much higher long-term value to White Cloud.

White Cloud was considering elimination of the guest checkout option to encourage those with accounts to login when ordering, and to foster account creation in general.  But, they were concerned about a potential negative impact on conversion rates & revenue with this tactic.  White Cloud tasked iDimension to conduct an A/B test to let the data speak for itself.

iDimension engaged an A/B test using Optimizely to show a checkout path to half of the site’s visitors that did not include the guest checkout option – and measure relative impact on conversion rate, revenue per order, and overall revenue compared to visitors that were offered a guest checkout option.  With statistical confidence the test revealed that removing the guest checkout option would not have a negative impact on conversion rates & revenue.  With business confidence, White Cloud removed the guest checkout option.