Advertising Waste is the Enemy

“Intel” (intelligence) is defined as useful information concerning a subject of interest, such as an enemy. As a digital advertiser, your enemy is advertising waste. This enemy isn’t neutralized in a single battle. You need to wage an on-going war against advertising waste.

“Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all.”
– Peter Drucker

The best weapon to defeat this enemy is knowing if your advertising is working, so you can focus your budget and optimization attention accordingly.

Define & Measure Success to Combat Advertising Waste

Step one in knowing if your advertising is working is defining success. Today’s path to conversion can include:

  1. multiple devices on different digital networks (e.g., internet vs. Cable TV connectivity),
  2. multiple sessions across multiple digital channels (e.g., social, display, search, email, etc.),
  3. long periods of time,
  4. online and offline advertising, and
  5. purposed offline outcomes (e.g., in-store visits).

This complex dance means that defining & measuring success is not a trivial task.  “What’s measured improves”.  Analytics done right adds value in identifying the correct thing(s) to measure, so you improve what matters to the business.

iDimension, a Google Analytics Certified Partner since 2010, and now a Google Marketing Platform Certified Partner, can help translate the business objectives you understand into a formal definition of success for your digital property. We’ll work with you to accurately & objectively measure success as defined – and we’ll help your agency or internal team optimize your digital advertising budget & tactics to measured success.

Multiply the Effectiveness of your Advertising

Knowing what is working, and applying budget & optimization attention accordingly is a must. But how do you get to the next level? iDimension offers two advertising intelligence services that act as force multipliers in your war against advertising waste:

  1. Proximity Intelligence: when motivating prospects to go to a specific location is critical to defined success (like Google AdWords store visit conversions, but for all ad platforms – not just Google Ads).
  2. Account-Based Intelligence: when targeted accounts are treated as a market of one.

Partner with iDimension to multiply the effectiveness of your advertising today!

Force Multiplier

A force multiplier is anything that dramatically increases effectiveness in combat. The expected size increase required to have the same effectiveness without that advantage is the multiplication factor. For example, if a certain technology like GPS enables a force to accomplish the same results of a force five times as large but without GPS, then the multiplier is five.