Google offers an enterprise-level optimization service offering called Optimize 360. So what features are available in this “premium” Optimize offering and how do we know if it is right for our company to invest in it?

Optimize 360 vs. Free Product Comparison

Google Optimize is a great, license free tool, but as such it has it’s limitations for larger organizations and web properties. Are you looking to understand the difference between Optimize 360 and the free product? Here’s a quick view of how these Google Optimize solutions compare.

Both products offer A/B testing, redirect testing, multivariate testing, personalizations, native integration with Google Analytics, advanced targeting (includes geographic and user attributes), ability to deploy experiments with Google Tag Manager, and support for single-page web applications.

So why would companies upgrade to Optimize 360?


Optimize 360 allows you to use Google Analytics audience targeting, using custom audiences created in Analytics to target certain experiments and customizations. Optimize standard is limited in the targeting options to basic browser or device types or parameter variables and is limited on the
targeting customization.

Multivariate testing (MVT)

Optimize 360 offers full support of multivariate testing or the testing of a hypothesis in which multiple variables are modified. The goal of multivariate testing is to determine which combination of variations performs the best out of all of the possible combinations.

Experiment objectives

Optimize offers several pre-selected experiment objectives including predefined goals, pageviews and revenue whereas Optimize 360 offers Ad hoc development of experiment objectives for unlimited options of measuring experiment success.

Simultaneous experiment capabilities

Optimize 360 offers advanced simultaneous experiment capabilities, whereas Optimize standard is limited in its simultaneous capabilities.

User and account administration

Optimize 360 offers Google Analytics 360 Suite administration of users and accounts for companies with desire to maintain those levels of control.

Implementation services

Implementation services are included with Optimize 360 however are not available with the standard product.

Support and services

Whereas Google Optimize only offers a self-service help center and community forums, Optimize 360 offers Enterprise-level service, support, and SLAs.

Common Questions

Q: What is the price of a  Optimizie 360 license?
A: The retail price is substantial – contact us to learn how substantial (retail is for suckers – iDimension sources licenses to win new business). The minimum subscription period is one year.

Q: Can several sites use the same license?
A: Yes, if they belong to the same company.

Let iDimension Help With Your Optimize Configuration

Google Marketing Platform Certified Partner & Google Optimize Certified Company, iDimension can help you identify whether Optimize 360 or the free product is the right fit for your organization. Then we can help you create your optimization hypotheses, customize your implementation, and help you optimize your website marketing efforts.

Read about all of the free & paid “360” product versions in the Google Marketing Platform.

Feature comparison

 OptimizeOptimize 360
Made for…Small to medium-sized businesses getting started with experimentation.Larger enterprises and businesses with more sophisticated testing needs.
A/B testing
Native Google Analytics integration
Basic URL targeting
User behavior and technology targeting
Geo targeting
Technical targeting (JavaScript, cookies, data layer)
Google Analytics Audience targeting
Web app support
Multivariate testing (MVT)Up to 16 combinations.Up to 36 combinations.
Experiment objectivesUp to 3 preconfigured.Up to 10 preconfigured,
additional available once started.
Simultaneous experimentsUp to 5.More than 100*.
AdministrationBasic administration with unlimited users.Analytics 360 Suite administration.
Implementation services
Support and servicesSelf-service help center and
community forum
Certified partners.
Enterprise-level service,
support, and SLAs
Payment optionsFree.Invoiced monthly.

*Up to 24 experiments per Analytics view by default, more available upon request.