Define Success

• What are the business objectives the digital property should support?
• What specific user actions represent success in supporting those business objectives?
• What strategic user segments are important to business objectives?

Measure Success

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” – Peter Drucker

Accurately collect, process & report digital property data in support of measuring success as defined – going beyond last-click attribution analysis.  No data is bad, but false data is worse.


• Start an experiment that could result in an improvement.
• If the variation beats the original by measured success – make the variation permanent, and start another experiment.
• Establish a positive testing cycle.

Google Certified Partner

Google Certified Partner

iDimension, founded in 1998, is focused on helping clients formally define success for their online properties, deploy technology to accurately measure success, and then initiate an optimization cycle to improve.

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Google Analytics Certified PartnerGoogle Tag Manager Certified PartnerWe are the only firm based in the Southeastern US that is simultaneously a "Google Analytics Certified Partner", "Google Tag Manager Certified Partner", "Google Optimize Certified Partner" & “Premier Google Partner for AdWords”.


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