iDimension has been certified as Facebook Marketing Partner for Technical Services (also known as FMP for Technical Services), satisfying comprehensive requirements to help you feel confident you’re working with a partner you can trust.

We are the only US Marketing Partner for Technical Services that is a Google Tag Manager Certified Partner. We support delivering your most valuable success signals to Facebook via their Conversions API from:

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Selecting iDimension for Facebook Partner Opportunities

Our team members are all Facebook Blueprint certified as Marketing Developers, having passed exams and coding exercises for each designation that measure competency in the technical implementation of marketing solutions. All team members have a Facebook Certified Marketing Developer designation, which is a requirement for the FMP for Technical Services program

Several team members have Facebook Certified Advanced Marketing Developer or Facebook Certified Advertising API Developer designations.


We stand ready to help you with the technical heavy lifting required to get the most out of your Facebook advertising – allowing you to accurately track deep funnel success signals that matter most to your business (including attribution across multiple ad sources), as well as creating & populating custom audiences for powerful targeting that helps defeat advertising waste.

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