Your Facebook business manager account may qualify for a Facebook Partner Technical Services Opportunity where Facebook subsidizes qualifying technical work. Follow the directions below to find out if your account, or that of one of your agency clients, is approved to be paired with a Facebook Marketing Partner for Technical Services for such an opportunity.

Candidates are determined at the business manager account level

Browse to If you are logged into your Facebook account, you’ll see a drop down menu populated with all of the Facebook business manager accounts where your Facebook user account has admin permission.  

As shown above, select a business manager account, and click “Get Started” to see if the account qualifies for subsidized support from a Facebook Marketing Partner for Technical Services.

Determining if your account qualifies

If the account qualifies, you’ll see a “Technical Service Opportunity” notice as shown above. Click “Get Started” again.  On the “Introduction” step, read the intro, check the box, and click “Next” to proceed to the “Application” step.

On the “Application” step shown above, enter info and click “Next” to proceed to the “Partner Selection & Asset Sharing” step.

Selecting iDimension as a partner

On the “Partner Selection” step shown above, hopefully you’ll see iDimension as a suggested partner. If not, you can use the option to “Select an alternative partner” as shown below, and iDimension can be searched for & selected from the list of options.

Once you have selected iDimension for a Facebook Partner Opportunity, complete the rest of the process, and introduction emails will be sent to both the partner and the advertiser with details on next steps.