Innisfree Hotels is a hotel company that has expertly managed dozens of hotels in partnership with the world’s most recognized hotel brands since 1985.  They currently own & operate 17 hotel properties, with $103 million in annual hotel revenue, and over $13 million in annual food & beverage revenue.

The digital advertising & content shepherded by Innisfree Hotels to support these properties is critically important to their profitability, and has become an increasingly complicated ecosystem to manage.  It became apparent that they needed help organizing myriad digital marketing analytics & advertising tags across local web sites, local & brand booking engines, and social media sites.  Innisfree Hotels tapped iDimension, a Google Tag Manager Certified Partner, to help.

hilton-pensacola-beachInnisfree Hotels manages digital advertising that drives prospective guests to local websites for each hotel property.  For each brand partnership hotel property, the local website refers visitors to the corporate brand booking engine website.  Independent hotel property local websites allow guests to make reservations on-line via a local booking engine.  Guests for both brand partnership & independent properties can book through a call center as well.

iDimension configured & deployed Google Tag Manager containers on all properties to manage a complicated tagging scheme including support for custom Google Analytics pageviews & events, Google AdWords remarketing, Facebook retargeting, and DialogTech call keyword level call tracking.  For independent hotel properties with local booking engines, support was also required for Google Analytics cross-domain trackingGoogle Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce – across mobile, desktop & tablet devices.

With tagging managed in an organized manner and firing correctly on all digital properties, iDimension also helped Innisfree Hotels formally define success in a digital marketing measurement framework document.  iDimension used this client approved measurement framework as the basis for a best practices configuration of hotel property Google Analytics web properties & views.  iDimension imports cost data for AdWords, Bing, Facebook & Instagram advertising accounts into respective hotel Google Analytics properties to allow for comparison of ad cost & conversion goal value generated by each advertising source.

analytics_1xtagmanager_1xiDimension uses the Google Tag Manager API & Google Analytics Management API to cost & time effectively setup every new web property, with inherent correct implementation of the approved measurement framework.

Success defined & measured correctly through best practices implementations of Google Analytics & Google Tag Manger allows iDimension to help Innisfree Hotels manage their digital marketing budget to success.  Conversion goal value & return on ad spend (ROAS) work together to shine objective light on what’s working, and where to focus optimization efforts.   Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnel reporting allows attribution analysis to prevent incorrect decision making based solely on the last click attribution by exposing all traffic sources across multi-visit conversion paths.

icon-product-datastudio-64Spreadsheets-128iDimension ties metrics across multiple digital data sources and internal Innisfree Hotels revenue reporting to allow analysis against an accurate, objective, comprehensive picture of their digital marketing performance.  Reports that pull this data together leverage the Google Analytics & AdWords application programming interfaces (APIs), and Google Sheets.  As Google Data Studio matures and allows more data source connectors, this reporting tool will purpose to expose digital marketing performance data in a more meaningful visual manner across the entire Innisfree Hotels organization.