Google Marketing Platform Certified Partner

Google Optimize Certified Company

Whether you represent a small business leveraging the free product version, or an enterprise using / considering the paid “360” product version, let a Google Optimize Certified Company help you gain confidence that your data is telling the truth, and help you constantly improve based on the story that data is telling.

iDimension is 1 of 15 Google Marketing Platform Certified Partners in the US that has achieved simultaneous Google product certifications* for “Google Analytics“, “Google Tag Manager“, “Google Optimize“ & “Google Data Studio”.  We are able & ready to help you take your digital property to the next level.

Google Optimize Consulting Action Items:

 Google Optimize snippet installation best practices.

Design & execute Google Optimize experiments, from problem statement & hypothesis to test configuration, that purpose to improve per success defined in a digital marketing measurement framework.

Actionable analysis of Google Optimize experiment results, including Optimize test data in Google Analytics, with specific recommendations to make changes associated with successful experiments permanent.

 Identify follow-up experiments to facilitate an optimization cycle with continuous active Google Optimize experiments in pursuit of improvement.

 Share Google Analytics configured audiences with Google Optimize 360 (paid version) to present personalized content to your site visitors based on behavior they have already exhibited.

 Leverage the Google Optimize and AdWords integration to easily test landing pages by account, campaign, ad group or keyword.

➤  Compare the paid 360 version to the free product.

Read about all of the free & paid “360” product versions in the Google Marketing Platform.

Per the research referenced in this January 2017 blog post, nearly 80% of Top 50 retailers employ optimization services, 60% of retailers ranked No. 51-250 do so and about 30% of merchants ranked 251-500 use optimization tools. However, only 18% of retailers No. 501-1000 use them.

This suggests that while analytics itself—the collection of marketing data—has become universal, the ability to activate that data to drive optimization at scale is lagging some distance behind.”