tag-management-benefits60% of the top 100 internet retailers (the IR100) have 10 or more tags deployed on their sites (including web analytics tracking tags), yet only 45% of them employ a tag management system (TMS).  Each of these retailers preaches the importance of accurate web analytics to measure conversion rates, but the majority suffered 4 points of pain:

  1. Completed Tag Presence
    93% of IR100 had an incomplete implementation of all of their tags.
    (Solve this problem by conducting regular tag audits.)
  2. Site Load Time
    Companies with a TMS had a 4.54% faster load time.
  3. Rate of Duplication
    47.6% higher rate of duplication for companies without a TMS.
    (Duplication is having more than 1 tag with the same account variable.)
  4. JavaScript Errors
    9% more javascript errors for companies without a TMS.

Source:  http://www.limaconsulting.com/infographics/how-the-ir100-stack-up/

The URL above is no longer an active – but the following link to a January 2017 article presents similar information:  https://www.digitalcommerce360.com/2017/01/10/snapshot-how-top-1000-retailers-approach-analytics/

Only 45% of the Top 100 Internet Retailers Employ a TMS
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